Beauty at Ruari's Hair Salon

Take advantage of our in-house therapist.


Because nothing improves your mood like a new manicure. 

You will love the different nail products and services we provide at our salon. 

This is no fairytale.
5 reasons to have Gel nails:

  1. Fourteen days high performance wear
  2. Stunning crystal shine
  3. Zero drying time
  4. Five minute removal
  5. No nail damage

Nails in an instant with that wow factor. 

Be Red Carpet Ready…
With acrylic nail you will be ready for anything! These nails are long lasting, strong. In a wide range of colours to choose from, all with intense shine and strength

What isn't there to love? 

Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts

Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes a longer time for hair to grow again- anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on the individual speed of hair growth. This means your hair free, smooth skin lasts much longer and you can go for that holiday on the beach and bask in the glory of your enviably smooth and glowing skin without having to worry about body hair showing up in the meantime.

Tinting & LVL Lashes

You won't have to wear mascara

As fantastic an invention as it is, mascara can still be troublesome. It smudges, rubs off easily and looks bad if it's not applied properly. Other problems with wearing mascara include:

  • 'panda eyes' after a day of wear
  • stains pillow if you forget to take it off before sleep
  • can clump up and drop from the lashes, leaving black dots on the skin
  • doesn't last very long - tubes need to be replaced regularly
  • expensive to keep replacing
  • time consuming to apply.

Eyelash tinting is essentially a semi-permanent form of mascara which stays smudge-free and perfect until you shed your lashes naturally. Soft and gentlePeople who are allergic to some cosmetics could consider trying eyelash tinting instead. The dye used for the process is usually formulated from vegetable fats for minimum irritation.